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PhD in Comparative Literature

Current students working with supervisors in Comparative Literature:

- Aneesh Barai

- Celine Clavel

- Andrew Hines

- Mary Guyatt

- Eithne Nightingale

Mary and Eithne's research is part of a five-year, AHRC-funded collaborative project, 'The Child in the World' which involves QMUL and the V&A Museum of Childhood. 


Queen Mary is a stimulating environment for PhD candidates, where intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and interdisciplinary engagement are constantly encouraged. The quality of supervision and the careful mentoring I receive are invaluable, and help me feel integrated into the academic community. In addition to the support I receive in writing my thesis, there are many opportunities to share work and participate in other activities. There is also plenty of research training offered to post-graduate students. Overall, it is an incredibly enriching experience. (Celine Clavel)

My research is in comparative children's literature, and Queen Mary has one of the few specialists in the country on the subject. Queen Mary also has a connection with the nearby Museum of Childhood. My supervisor is excellent - prompt, constructive, understanding, friendly, and always giving me opportunities to get involved in teaching, conferences and research groups. (Aneesh Barai)

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